"Structure is the giver of light."  
Louis Kahn


About Structure Development

We specialize in affordable housing finance and have expertise with Low Income Housing Tax Credits and other public subsidies. Our firm advises developers from around the country on the Texas process. From entitlements to certificate of occupancy, our team has navigated the Texas public process since 1994.  Structure’s geospatial technologies enable us to efficiently sift through properties and find the right site to fit our clients' needs.

Structure marshals our clients’ projects through the local, state, and federal processes and obtains financial and regulatory support. Our network and experience cuts through red tape and saves our clients time and money.


About Our Name

I came across this quote by Louis Kahn while staring at a coffee mug. Maybe it was the caffeine, but it struck me as the perfect name for a consulting firm that spends its days providing structure for a confusing, discordant process.

We use innovative technology to maximize internal and external project collaboration. The dozens of project steps are transparent, documented, assigned, accounted for, and available at the touch of a button. Through this “structure”, we strive to shed a light on the development process for our clients.

Photo ©Mike Sinclair, design by Hufft Projects